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THE METHOD FOR EVERY BODY: Working with Knee Injuries

Do you or someone you know have knee pain during exercise or in daily life? Just the thought of exercise can be daunting when dealing with chronic joint pain. Because our method is low impact, it is a great choice for individuals with knee sensitivity. Barre Evolution instructors have been trained to give modifications that are specific to YOUR unique situation so you can attend our classes safely, without knee pain. Here are some tips:

  • Come to class early. Meet with each instructor before class begins to receive modifications. We leave 15 minutes before, after & between classes to help you learn how to adapt for an injury and keep the work targeted.
  • If kneeling is painful, we can give you a similar exercise that targets the same muscle standing at the barre or lying down.
  • Turned out feet (like in small V) causing pain? Keep feet parallel, hip width distance apart with toes pointing to 12 o’clock. Place a ball between your knees for stability.
  • Work higher. As long as you are contracting your muscles with small, controlled movements, you will see great results. If you experience pain in any exercise and the modifications given did not help, plan to meet with the instructor after class to discuss your options and learn about different modifications for next class.

Still not sure if the Barre Evolution method is right for you? Check out Lauren’s story:

Due to injuries/accidents from years ago, I no longer have cartilage in my right knee and very little in my left. Numerous knee surgeries and injections have helped but I am not able to run or do high-impact exercise.

I began coming to Barre Evolution when they opened, and the instructors have been incredible. They are constantly giving me modifications during various segments of the class, and I feel I get a fantastic workout WITHOUT the fear of hurting my knees worse than they already are. The modifications have also allowed me to strengthen my legs considerably, which only helps with knee stability. I have truly seen a difference.

Want to learn more and talk about your specific situation/injury? Email support@barreevolution.com